You Must Be "Spectacular" To Succeed

Sen Ze
By Sen Z
Uncommon Senz Internet Marketing Master?

I've got some spectacular stuff to talk about that relates directly to marketing on the Internet.

Let's talk about David Copperfield. Really.

The most famous magician of all time. Mainly because of television, no less. But there are other equally if not more important factors.

What impressed you most about him?

His looks? His talent? His slickly-choreographed illusions?

His spectacular vanish of the Statue of Liberty?

His effortless walking through the Great Wall of China?

His being sawed completely in half with a giant "Death Saw" with his entire body in full view?

Each of you will have your own favorite illusion done the Copperfield way.

The above illusions are, in their basic form, not original illusions. Vanishing a big object, walking through a wall and being sawed in half had been done countless times by other magicians before him.

But instead of performing the same old, same old illusions, David Copperfield creates and performs new spectacular illusions that have their roots in the same old, same old illusions.

By putting many ingenious twists and refinements into old illusions, they actually became "new" illusions with even greater impact than before.

All because he wanted to.

And because he made them spectacular, he had fixed his name in the minds of his audience for as long as they live.

And therein lies a lesson for us all to learn from in the field of Internet Marketing.

You see, the above illusions are his "signature" illusions.

So much so that the next time another magician attempts to vanish a large object that does not in the least resemble the Statue of Liberty, you'll think of David Copperfield and the Statue of Liberty. The next time somebody tries to walk through a wall, you'll think of David Copperfield and the Great Wall of China. The next time somebody tries to cut his assistant in half with a saw, you'll think of David Copperfield and his "Death Saw".

But his most famous signature illusion of all is undoubtedly his vanishing of the Statue of Liberty.

It is the one illusion on which his already growing reputation then was enhanced and elevated further. It is the one illusion that is most talked about by everybody. It is the one illusion that is mentioned the most in his marketing materials.

Which leads me to you - the aspiring, struggling or half-successful Internet Entrepreneur.

Go ahead and create your own "Statue of Liberty" thing in your own field!

It can be in the form of spectacular content on your web site, or spectacular content on your Discussion Board, or spectacular content in your e-zine. It can also be in the form of spectacular products or services that you offer, or spectacular customer service, or spectacular warmth and personal touches that you provide. Or it can be a combination of all of them, which would make you really spectacular.

You can also write signature articles on your area of expertise. No, not articles with your signature, but "signature articles". Just like David Copperfield's signature illusions.

This means writing articles on certain topics that are either the most amusing, the most informative, the most valuable, the most useful, the most comprehensive, the most ingenious, the most thought-provoking, the most gripping, the most whatever, that will transform you from the ordinary into the extraordinary.

As long as they are refreshingly different, have really good quality in some way and have the potential to make your readers sit up and really take notice of you or your Internet business, you have your signature articles.

As long as you put in enough quality "twists" of your own that make ordinary original topics spectacular and new, you have a reputation builder in your hands that you can make the most of as far as the marketing of your Internet business is concerned.

It's not too difficult to create spectacular stuff from the ordinary.

David Copperfield doesn't just tell you the basics of what he is going to do, like "I'm going to vanish the Statue of Liberty" - he tells you a story for the illusion he is going to perform. He says, "I want to see, just for a few seconds, what freedom is really like without the Statue of Liberty".

Rather than just telling you that "I'm going to walk through this wall", he says something like, "The only man-made object that can be seen from the moon. The Great Wall of China. Thousands of lives have been lost in building this wall over hundreds of years, keeping out invading forces. Tonight, I'm going to attempt to do what no man has ever done before - walk through it and risk my life in the process. I hope I will make it."

What a difference words can make to create something new from old. What a difference premise can make to turn something ordinary into the spectacular. What a difference attitude can make to turn a superstar magician into a mega superstar.

Can you do the same with "old" articles? "Old" events? "Old" strategies? "Old" concepts? "Old" tactics? "Old" techniques?

Of course you can. What's holding you back?

Once you have your signature articles, you'll need to create a mechanism or system to spread them far and wide on the Internet horizon so that your signature articles can create and/or enhance your reputation for you. Which is a topic for another article. Another signature article. ;-D

What if you're no good in writing?

You simply substitute it for some other signature "thing".

If you're a web designer, create a signature web site that is fully functional yet does things very differently from a normal web site that you can proudly show off to your audience. Perhaps you can create spectacular effects with a web site that nobody has ever created before.

If you're running a dating service, create a signature cyber game on your web site that enables you to play a variation of the "Blind Date" game with one girl having to choose from 10 guys based on their responses to her questions but without her knowing how any of them look like, but your web site visitors can see all of them and perhaps vote on who she will eventually choose, and win a prize.

Look at things other people have done in either the same or other fields for your inspiration. You're looking to create a "signature event" that will be talked about for a long time to come, which can only be good for you.

Now your signature thing may appear to be out of your reach technically, but don't let that stop you. If David Copperfield had let his dream of vanishing the Statue of Liberty die thinking that it was out of his reach, he and the rest of the world would have missed out on one of the most spectacular illusions ever performed.

Don't be common. Be uncommon.

So what spectacular stuff can you do? Instead of thinking that you cannot do it, think it up first and then find ways to do it.

All you need is a "can do" attitude and some imagination, my friend.

You don't have to spend a lot of money either. A signature article costs you nothing, just your time. Or simply think win-win-win, and barter for the technical skills that you need for your signature thing with the exposure you will get for the provider.

Now can you do something for yourself that would make you spectacular? Can you create a "moonwalk" like Michael Jackson did, with your own Internet business? Can you create a unique and appealing quality for your Internet business that is reminiscent of Bruce Lee with his awesome flying kicks and speed, that no other Internet business in your field can even think of doing?

Of course you can. Just what's holding you back?

And oh, watch out - yet another one of my own Internet Marketing signature thing is on the way!

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