Dien Rice
(a.k.a. Fred Rice )


Some things I enjoy....

  • Fundamental research work in physics.....  My area of specialty is quantum optics, the quantum behaviour of light.  I did my Ph.D. in this field, and have also published a number of research papers in various physics journals.  My Ph.D. thesis also won the 1999 Mollie Holman Medal.  More details can be found on my physics research page here.  I also maintain an extensive list of Quantum Optics and Atom Optics links, primarily to research groups around the world.
  • Online business....  I am currently involved with Entrepreneur-Web.  If you are interested in online business for yourself, you could benefit by giving it a look!
  • Investing in shares....  In investing, I try to follow the reported approach of Warren Buffett.  (If you'd like to invest in stocks, but want someone else to do all the hard work, check out Elysium Capital.)
  • Other hobbies?  Reading nonfiction, body surfing, swimming, travelling, and watching movies.

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