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In this section, you can find directions to a lot of useful information and tools to help you with your online profit-making activities....

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Featured Online Entrepreneurs

All these entrepreneurs are making their living predominantly from the internet....

Examine how they do what they do, and choose one or more of them as models for your own online business activities.

It's much easier to look at what other people are doing, which is working, and base your own activities on that, than to try to re-invent the wheel!

  • Anderson, Adam ( - Adam Anderson develops his own software products, and markets them completely online. If you have an interest or skill in programming and like to develop software products, look at his web site to see how he markets his products online. Added Feb. (116 bytes)
  • Gardyne, Allan (Associate Programs Directory) - Allan Gardyne provides a very useful, comprehensive online directory of affiliate programs. He earns money from his commissions selling products through these affiliate programs, and by recruiting new affiliates.
  • Myers, Bill (Bill Myers Online) - Bill Myers creates software tools for ecommerce, and sells them online (though he recently sold the rights to most of his products). His background, prior to the internet, was in creating information products, and selling them by mail order.
  • Welch, Mark (Adbility's Web Publisher's Advertising Guide) - This advertising guide was created by Mark Welch, though I'm not sure if he still runs it or if he's sold it. Mark Welch was supporting himself solely (as far as I know) from this useful advertising guide. As well as being a guide for would-be advertisers and also web-masters, this business makes its profit by selling advertising space. They tell you essentially how much they are making from their ads here (this kind of information is usually hard to get). Added Feb. (116 bytes)

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Free Books and Articles

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(Reviewed and Rated)

These directories will help you to find appropriate products which you can sell on your web site, from various affiliate programs. This is very useful if you have a web site (or are about to create one), but don't yet have your own product to sell on it.

Income Opportunities (Reviewed and Rated)

Income Opportunities (Not Rated)




These magazine provide a lot of interesting and useful articles for the aspiring online business-person.

In addition to this, you should look at these magazines and ezines as possible places you could advertise your web site or your products. The ezines are also good to look at as models for your own ezine, if you are thinking of producing one.

Magazines for Entrepreneurs

Magazine Directories

  • InfoJump - Huge media database with over 3000 magazines, newspapers, and journals, and ezines.

Ezine Directories (with circulation info and advertising rates)

  • Book of Ezines - Free book of ezines, giving the circulation and advertising rates. Link fixed Feb. 2000
  • Ezine Ad Directory - Directory of ezines, giving details of circulation and advertising rates.

Ezine Directories (without circulation info and advertising rates)



Here are a lot of useful resources, which I couldn't place anywhere else!

Scam Alerts

Scam Alerts

Beware of scams, so you don't get taken advantage of by unscrupulous criminals.

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